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The Company mission is aimed specifically towards supporting local shareholder administrations, which are public and non-profit, by means of the following activities:

> Planning, design, execution of any works that may have a relationship with the Pisa-Livorno Navigable Channel, including dredging operations;

> Planning, design, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the Port Area and its surroundings;

> Procurement of mechanical means required to provide services in the port area, including port management;

> Goods handling, storage and warehousing;

> Feasibility analysis and studies regarding the waterway system as a structural and developmental element of the local economy;

> Acquisition, transformation, management and sale of any asset and estate in order to promote the establishment of business activities on the channel shore areas aiming for the full use of the waterway;

> Research, technology transfer, training, consultancy and promotion activities in the nautical sectors;

> Management of state-owned areas and structures and concession issuing for occupation and use of land and other assets in port areas and state-owned areas;

> Nautical circulation, piloting and management of the Mobile Bridges of Tombolo and Calambrone;

> Navigation police, namely surveillance and reporting to the competent local police bodies;

> Public services, transport, trailing and towing;

> Removal of submerged materials;

> Repression of any acts that may damage in any way the state property peraining to the waterway complex, surveillance and reporting to the competent municipal bodies and local police;

> Proposals to the Municipality of Pisa for the adoption of the port plan, as well as for all functions assigned to the port authority by law no. 84/94.

The Company may also carry out, in support of its associated local public administrations, all commercial, industrial, financial, securities and real estate operations necessary or useful for the achievement of the corporate purpose, including: participation in innovative research projects and experimentation in partnership and co-financing with other public and private bodies, with the European Union and / or in the context of European Union programs or other public bodies – the assignment to third parties of design and construction works and in general the assignment of services, works and supplies to third parties. The Company can not exercise within the national territory the aforementioned activities by participating in tenders or negotiation procedures. The Company is prohibited from participating in other companies or entities in the national territory.

Read the Company Statute (IT).