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since 1982

Navicelli di Pisa (now Port Authority di Pisa) was established in 1982 with mainly public shareholders: Municipality of Pisa, Province of Pisa and Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of Pisa had a share of 22.9% each, with the remaining capital owned by private shareholders.

Since 1982 an agreement has been in force between the Company and the Municipality of Pisa, assigning to Navicelli di Pisa the organization, management and development of port services and navigation for the port of Pisa and the Pisa-Livorno waterway. The agreement, renewed several times over time, was stipulated following Regional Law no. 37 of May 22, 1982, delegating to the Municipality of Pisa the exercise of administrative functions for the second-class waterway, Pisa – Livorno, functions which were transferred by the State to the Regions with Presidential Decree 616/77.

After Legislative Decree no. 223/2006 converted by Law no. 248/2006, it became impossible for the Municipality of Pisa to renew the agreement, still under extension and therefore to be classified as a so-called “in-house” assignment, if the Company had not become fully public-owned. Therefore, on January 31, 2008, the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company unanimously resolved to liquidate all private shareholders through the withdrawal and cancellation, according to the terms of the law, of their shares. Only the public shareholders remained: Municipality of Pisa, Province of Pisa and Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of Pisa.

On Feb 9,  2018, the Company changed its name: from Spa Navicelli di Pisa to Navicelli di Pisa Srl, with the Municipality of Pisa as the only shareholder.

On Feb 9, 2022, the Company name is changed to Port Authority di Pisa Srl.